A new sun-blocking glass development from AGC is set to improve the wellbeing and comfort of car drivers and passengers around the world.

Called UV Verre Premium Cool on™, this protective tempered glass is the world’s first for vehicle front doors that cuts out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing potential sunburn and skin damage. The glass also reduces exposure to infrared rays, helping to keep travellers cool and comfortable without turning up the air conditioner.

Beware of the sun, even when you drive

People in Europe are becoming increasingly aware of the skin cancer threat and the need to protect ourselves from the sun. But while many of us protect our skin when sunbathing, we fail to do so during everyday activities.

This issue was highlighted recently by a skin cancer support group in the UK called Factor 50; it reported the growing occurrence of skin cancer amongst frequent drivers, due to prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays through vehicle windows and windscreens.

360° protection

UV Verre Premium Cool on™ (2) was developed through the integration of AGC technologies in glass materials, coating and chemicals, creating a new material that when coated on the inner side of glass simultaneously filters out UV and infrared rays. The effectiveness of the product was endorsed when it earned the Skin Cancer Foundation ‘Seal of Recommendation’ – a prestigious symbol of safe and effective sun protection.

When used with AGC’s windshield glass LAMISAFE™ or Cool Verre™ (1), combined with rear door glass and backlite UV Verre Premium Privashield™(3), all travellers in the vehicle, wherever they are seated, can enjoy 99% UV protection. AGC was the first automotive glass producer to achieve this full all-round protection.