AGC Automotive Europe has launched its darkest grey glass to date. With a light transmission factor(1) of only 8% and a solar factor(2) of 32%, this new tinted glass gives vehicle occupants more privacy, thermal comfort and solar protection than ever before – while also reducing the need for air conditioning.

AGC ultra-dark grey glass is intended primarily for car roofs and rear windows, and is available in thicknesses of 3.85 and 4.85 mm.

This expansion of the AGC tinted glass range accompanies other advanced glass solutions for energy control, such as coated glass(3) and variable-transmission(4) glass. Together these developments demonstrate the company’s determination to constantly progress with its automotive customers in providing added value for end users.

1. Value for a thickness of 3.85 mm.

2. The solar factor represents the total percentage of energy (and thus also heat) passing through the glass. AGC grey glass lets through only 32% of the heat carried by the sun's rays.

3. Glass coated with invisible layers of metal oxides which reflect infrared radiation and cut overheating inside the vehicle. Used for windshields.

4. Glass that can switch from transparent to dark blue simply by applying a voltage across it. Used for vehicle roofs.