Turning your car windshield into a billboard!


Glass manufacturers, tech companies and automakers are teaming up to turn windshields into a display… one that can show ads to the driver, as well as navigation directions and vehicle information.


Here’s how this smart windshield might work. When you’re close to running out of fuel, you would see an alert pop-up noting the fuel situation and offering to find a nearby gas station. Your car’s virtual assistant would then give you directions, again on the windshield, to a station where you can receive a free cup of coffee – an ad placed by the gas company that fits your buying patterns (also known by your smart car!).

Ads on head-up display windshields are just one example of broader efforts to transform vehicles into connected devices. Automakers expect to use software, digital voice technology and cloud computing to handle everything. …From automatically scheduling your next car maintenance appointment to ordering a takeout pizza while you’re on the road!