Ride the green wave!


A traffic light that turns red just as you approach is one of the most frustrating things about driving. Now, if a trial to alert drivers to the status of traffic lights is successful, this stop-start experience could be a thing of the past.


The trial, taking place in two UK towns, is based on technology that transmits timing data from new-generation traffic lights to cars fitted with a special receiver. At a certain distance, the car picks up a signal from the next traffic light which alerts the driver to its colour status and how long each colour will last. What’s more, the system advises drivers that if they increase or decrease their speed to a certain level, the lights will be on green when they get there.

This innovation means that drivers may soon be able to avoid red lights during a journey in normal traffic conditions.  Riding the green wave should lead to smoother journeys, improved traffic flow and lower fuel consumption.